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Welcome to the iPhone Universe!

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Welcome to the iPhone universe! From the launch its very first iPhone Apple revolutionized the ways we look at the world and set a trend few other companies could follow. The whole decade of 2000 was marked by fierce rivalry between such flagships of modern technology as Samsung, LG, Motorola and Apple itself, as a result of which the modern world became what we know it to be today: and exciting and chaotic place where things that could not be imagined twenty years ago become available to virtually everyone.

This website does not aim at bringing more order to the ever-changing iPhone universe but invites every user of a smartphone to share his or her view of where we stand and where we are going. In the end it is its users that make the product what it is, and iPhones are no exception. The user demands shapes each new generation of the gadget, making top engineers come up with their best to keep the line running and the public satisfied. There is no visible end to this race, and we are excited to welcome you on board. Our journey continues, and the next stop is the future!

As always :).